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The new Swiffer mop is in love?

I know you guys have seen that Swiffer mop commercial where the mom or who ever is storing their old mop/broom away to make room for the new Swiffer mop. And when they store it in the attic/closet the old broom falls inlove a bowling ball? and suddenly a love song plays as they both fondly gaze at each other. First of all, who knew that brooms could be attracted to bowling balls? Secondly, how does this explain what the new Swiffer broom does besides make the old one look bad? This is obviously directed towards woman because it has a mom cleaning the floors in the backround…so basically the ad is saying that if your a mom who supposedly cleans well then you should buy the Swiffer mop because it will only make you a better mom, or woman.

Oh, Swiffer…Why can’t you show a woman in love instead of the old broom in the closet?  Even though it won’t make your point, it’ll make sense.

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One thought on “The new Swiffer mop is in love?

  1. I agree with you. They have been using the same technique for their advertising for years. I guess its working if still continues though.

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