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No Limits

What I’ve realized lately is that television shows aren’t limiting their use of foul language or their harsh impressions of iconic figures. Like South Park, Family Guy, and Futurama all display cartoons who mock celebrities, presidents, or politicians. They don’t just mock them though, they buture their personality and overexagerate certain speeches they have made such as Sarah Palin or President Obama. I remember Family Guy made an episode on racism, and they went overboard and tried to joke it off. Don’t get me wrong, I love Family Guy and all those ridiculous shows, but where have their limits gone? The more shows come out with that kind of language and behavior, the more younger viewers will act that way.

I was walking passed this ten year-old kid talking on his cell phone, trying to immitate Cartman’s (from South Park) accent. He was talking the same way and felt proud of his language. I wondered if he spoke like that at home and how many other ten year-olds talk that way these days. I really hope this dies down, or that parents will limit the kinds of TV shows their children watch…

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