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“Sunday School Teacher Murderer”…Sounds like a horror film…

Did you hear about the Sunday School Teacher Murderer who plead guilty to killing and raping and 8 year-old girl in California? Melissa Huckaby, 29, raped, killed, and stuffed an 8 year-old girl into a suitcase who was shockingly her daughter’s friend. When finding out about her brutal killing, friends and family remarked that “She had always been a good friend and mom.” Huckaby is sentenced to 25 years-life in prison while her victim’s family suffers the loss of their daughter.

This story resembles many others where absurd acts are committed by people who are never suspected because of the ordinary or normal lives they present. On a more positive note, not all sunday school teachers are murderers, I happened to love mine, so I hope there aren’t speculations about them now…

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One thought on ““Sunday School Teacher Murderer”…Sounds like a horror film…

  1. Allie on said:

    Wow! I wonder what her motivates were besides being crazy!

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