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Why Bangkok looks like a “Charred War Zone”

Anti-government protesters, also known as the “Red Shirts” burned down Central World, Southeast Asia’s second-largest department store on Wednesday in Chiang Mai, which killed many civilians and wounded hundreds. Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, leader of the “Red Shirts”, warns of a guerrilla war and took part in the burning of fire trucks, cars, buildings, and several banks.

“The government attacked us, so we attacked the government,” a Thai woman claimed. “We may have lost for now, but the red shirts will be back. It’s not over.” Many believe that the government ordered to kill  the “Red Shirts”, thus they’re taking revenge. Many citizens are planning on moving out of the city, to protect themselves and their families which will in no doubt have an effect on the social and economic outcome of Chaing Mai and other cities that have been affected by the “Red Shirts”. I guess we’ll see what happens…

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