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Smoking Since 18 Months…

 Now at the age of two, Ardi Rizal, constantly begs his mom for a cigerette. Rizal lives in Indonesia with his family and has been smoking since he was 18 months, under his parents supervision. His Father shrugs and claims that his son looks “healthy” when asked about Ardi’s overweight condition and filthy smoking habit. The Daily Mail says nearly 3% of Indonesia’s five- to nine-year-olds are active smokers. Simon Chapman, Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, told the Sydney Morning Herald: “Indonesia is unfortunately regarded as a basket case in international tobacco control. It’s regarded as a smoker’s paradise.”

How sad is this? Still in a diaper, Ardi doesn’t realize how smoking affects his health since he is so young, and his parents are too naive and oblivious to stop him. Hopefully this Indonesian trend doesn’t pass on to other countries…

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One thought on “Smoking Since 18 Months…

  1. Very good article.Thanks Again. Cool.

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