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Come Play in The Jungle 2010

So, if you haven’t heard…

There was a rave for a children’s benefit called P.L.A.Y in Calabasus, CA this past weekend. Ages 17-35 (perhaps older), attended and alcohol was a given.  The mansion that held the benefit had 57 rooms inside, an elephant, hippopotamus, camels, 4 pools, an air-balloon, water slides, and a DJ provided the guests entertainment from 2pm-8pm.

BUT I guess that wasn’t enough..because people thought that getting obnoxiously drunk was the highlight of the event. At 2pm, everyone was sweating from the 97 degree weather and couldn’t wait to get into the pool. It was relaxing at first, conversation were being held, drinks and snacks were given out, and people were dancing as if it was prom. That prom scene didn’t last long, as people danced on each other like animals and had sex in the pool which was once clean and innocent. Fights broke out, and I seriously thought that someone was going to drown…

WHY??? why do people take advantage of drugs and alcohol? Why do they think they need it to have a good time and then use it as an excuse when they do something wrong or dirty? What happened to the good ol’days? The P.L.A.Y benefit was an overall success as more than a thousand people payed $50 for their tickets and brought gifts for the children. It was also fun and entertaining and I look forward to the rave IIII, but I really hope that it doesn’t literally turn into a jungle again…

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