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Modern Sources of Inspiration

1If you haven’t noticed, social media sites have become more of a source of inspiration rather than just a method of self-expression. Quotes about happiness and pictures of females in tight yoga pants have surfaced on these sites as a way to motivate users and viewers. Perhaps these posts have subconsciously provided people with a sense of confidence and comfort, allowing users to believe that they have the ability to influence others by encouraging weight loss, true happiness, falling in love, and living life to the fullest. It’s almost as if users have indulged in this source of inspiration because they’re searching for an outlet, and by posting these quotes or pictures, they gain a sense of optimism and reassurance.

Although it’s wonderful that people have confided in these posts for motivation and optimism, it’s somewhat unfortunate that we as a society have succumb to a source of tie-died images of words with fancy font or pictures of beautiful people to recognize what we need change in our lives in order to be happier. What ever happened to self-recognition and understanding these ideas from personal experience? Has our society become so easily influenced that it only takes a couple of words and trendy art to motivate us to change? The interesting thing about these pictures is that they relate to bad advertisements; where people consume a popular idea rather than a materialistic object. Ultimately, there isn’t a difference between the two because both inspire viewers to become part of a trend and culture.

Rather than complying with this social norm, write your own words down in a journal and fulfill your own goals. Take action not because a cliche quote or picture has encouraged you to, but because you choose to out of your own will. In the end, this will allow you to understand exactly why you chose to carry out certain actions and acknowledge the kind of person you want to become rather than becoming like someone else.

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